Friday, May 16, 2014

What IS a Coach anyway?

Hey guys and gals! Happy Friday! The sun is out here and while it's a bit chillier than I would prefer it's still going to be a really nice day. And tomorrow my alarm won't go off at 5am! Woo hoo!

As you guys know I am now a Beachbody coach. But what IS a Beachbody coach anyway? Well first I can tell you that I get to watch people change their lives. That's awesome! Even before I was a coach I was watching people make incredible changes and now I get to help people do that too. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Not only that, I can make extra money while doing it. I'm still new so I'm not getting crazy and quitting my job or anything but at this point if I can get my Shakeology covered and bring in a little extra money for my family that's a WIN in my book!

Don't get me wrong, I do know coaches that have been so successful that they were able to turn this into their full time job. If that's what you want too, you can do it! There is a place for everybody. 

If you want to know about what exactly a coach does and how it could benefit you and others let me know. We're doing a 5 Day Sneak Peek group starting on Monday so you can ask any question you want and find out the scoop. You don't have to be super in shape (I'm not) or a slick salesperson (I'm definitely not) but you do have to want to help others succeed. Sounds easy right? Anyone can do this!

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