Wednesday, May 14, 2014

21 Day Fix Days 1 & 2

Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a great Wednesday. It's rainy here and it took me an hour and a half to get to work so it feels more like a Monday to me. But you're not here to hear about my morning so let's hop to it!

I promised to give updates about the 21DF as I worked through it. I've got two full days down so far and I have to say, I'm impressed. 

Day 1:
This was my first day on the program. I woke up feeling excited since I had done all my prepping the night before. You can see what I ate on my previous post with my meal plan so I'll just cover how I felt mostly. The biggest thing I noticed was that I wasn't hungry all day! Normally when I'm sitting at my desk I'm constantly munching on something (or I want to be) but I didn't have that urge today. Even at dinner I couldn't finish everything on my plate. Here are a few snapshots of my main meals (the ones I remembered to take a picture of before I are then). Keep in mind photography lessons are not included in this program!

The workout on Day 1 was Total Body Cardio and it definitely was a workout! I was left super sweaty after only 30 minutes. The workouts are setup with 60 seconds of an exercise followed by 15-20 seconds of rest. It really flew by with that format. Another thing I really like about these workouts is the built in warm up and cool down. I've been known to skip the cool down in T25 so I like that it's part of the total video here. 

Day 2:
Today was another really good day. I was completely prepped when I got up so I felt prepared to take on the day. My abs are definitely feeling yesterday's workout. Again today I wasn't hungry and didn't have the crazy sugar cravings I normally have (which is not a good thing when my cube neighbor has a fully stocked candy bucket at all times!). I still wasn't able to finish dinner but I made a better effort than the previous day. Here are some of my meal snapshots that I was able to get. 

The workout for today was Upper Fix. It called for a heavy set of weights and a light set. I need a lot of improvements in this area so I did have to modify and use my light weights in place of the heavy a few times. This was a killer workout!

So there's my short recap of days 1 and 2. I'm really loving this program so far! I'm feeling energized and I can tell my body is getting stronger. And guess what else! As of today ( Wednesday) I'm down 2.5lbs so far! I don't expect to keep that momentum every day but I think my body is really adjusting well to the clean eating and NOT cheating for once. I definitely think I'll see my goal weight by the end of this but as always, I'll keep you posted. Again, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to know more. I'd love to help! 

Until then,

P.S. Lesson learned about taking pictures sideways with my phone. It cuts them off if you're viewing on the web but if you click the picture it'll open all 6 for you to view. Sorry about that- I'm a new blogger! 

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