Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 2 Happenings

Well I'm almost finished with week 2 and it's gone pretty well so far! I'm still really loving the work outs (they're the same as week 1 by the way) and feeling sore every time. The eating this week has been pretty much the same. Here's a shot of my week 2 plan. (Again, sorry it's cut off. If you click on it it'll bring up the whole picture for your to view. If any expert bloggers out there know how to fix this please help a sister out!)

I did have to make a few changes throughout the week. First, we had a TON of spaghetti leftover so instead of eating it for 2 nights, we made it 3. I really hate wasting food and I don't mind leftovers so that's how we did it. I guess eating smaller portions makes a difference! But I will say, even Cody used the containers to measure his portion and we were both satisfied without feeling overly full like I normally do after eating pasta.

That's a lot! 

Another small victory this week is that I resisted temptation BIG TIME! We had our annual CFO Picnic at work and as usual, there was BBQ for lunch. Not just any BBQ, WHOLE HOG! BBQ. That's my favorite. And the potato salad. And the brownies. I might as well have been in heaven. Except that I'm on the 21DF and that just wasn't going to work. I found the internal battle of "maybe just a little" but I won. I ended up eating some of the chicken and my baby carrots that I brought from home. Then if that wasn't bad enough, the ice cream truck made an appearance too. I didn't have to fight the battle as hard that time. 

Self control y'all! 

Unfortunately, I haven't seen any weight loss this week. Actually, I've been up about 1/2 lb. Normally this would really bug me (and it kinda does) but knowing that I fee different, my clothes fit different, and I can see changes when I look in the mirror helps out. Plus, even with that 1/2lb change I'm still only 2 lbs away from my goal! I think maybe my body went through shock last week when I cut out so many carbs and dairy that I'm used to having.

That's it for now guys! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend. I'll post my week 2 results and pictures this weekend sometime so check back.

Until then,

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